How to Withdraw Your R$

You might have noticed that the Withdraws tab on rocash is slightly different. Roblox has made it so that you must be in a Roblox group for several days before you can receive any payouts. This means we can't pay you right after you join our groups like we used to!
To work around this issue, we have introduced Withdraw Scheduling. When you request a withdraw on ROCash, we will ask you to join some groups. You must join all of the groups, then your withdraw will be scheduled. Once Roblox allows us to send your Robux, they will be deposited directly into your Roblox account! All you need to do is stay in the groups after joining them. Once your Robux are deposited into your Roblox account, you will receive an email and a notification on ROCash.
If you want to see your scheduled withdraws, visit and click the "Scheduled Offers" tab.
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